WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin 2.4.4 Free Download

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TypeWordPress Plugin (Original Zip File, Not Nulled)
NameWP Offload Media Pro Plugin v2.4.4 Free Download
Version2.4.4 (Latest Version)
Update11 Sept, 2020
Demo/ Sales PageWP Offload Media Pro Plugin Sales Page
CategoryWordPress Cache Plugin
Selling PlatformDeliciousbrains.com (Author: DeliciousBrains)
Download TypeOriginal Zip File, No Nulled Version, No License Key, No Activation Key, No Registration Key, No Purchase Code, No Crack, Free Download from Google Drive

With WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin you can speed ​​up your WordPress site by offloading your media on Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage.

WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin (formerly WP Offload S3) copies files from your WordPress media library to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage and rewrites the URLs to serve files from that same storage provider or from the CDN of your choice (like CloudFront). And with the Assets addon, WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin can identify the assets (CSS, JS, images, etc.) used by your site and serve them from your favorite CDN.

How It Works

Painlessly upload your existing media library

Start unloading your existing media library and WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin will unload these files in the background. You can close the browser tab and forget about it, or keep the tab open and monitor progress from the WP Offload Media Pro settings page.

Control Cloud Storage from the media library

We’ve sprinkled controls throughout the media library to give WordPress the impression that it natively supports Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage. You can select bulk files and choose to copy them to cloud storage, delete them from cloud storage, or copy them to the server from cloud storage. You can also view a single file, view its cloud storage details, copy it to cloud storage, delete it from cloud storage and, if the file is missing on your server, copy it from cloud storage. You can even toggle public / private cloud storage permissions without ever leaving the media library.

Delightful settings screen

We’ve put a lot of effort into organizing our settings screen, making it a pleasure to use. From personalized ON / OFF switches, to URL preview, to titles and to copy, everything has been carefully thought out.

Remove files from server

WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin can reduce the use of server storage space by deleting media files after they have been downloaded to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage. We also have a tool to discreetly delete all media files unloaded from the server in the background to free up storage space.

Download and remove from Cloud Storage

Deleted all media files offloaded from your server? WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin can easily download your downloaded media from Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage with one click. No script or command line required.

Copy between buckets

Need to copy your unloaded media to a new compartment on the same cloud storage provider? Perhaps you are moving from an intermediate compartment to a production compartment? WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin can easily copy your media from one compartment to another within the same cloud storage provider. The files are copied quietly in the background.

Speed up the delivery of CSS, JS, Fonts, and other assets

With the Assets Pull addon, you can start serving your site assets (CSS, JS, fonts, etc.) from a CDN like CloudFront in just a few clicks. The addon contains a configuration wizard that will walk you through the process of creating a suitable CloudFront distribution to serve your assets using your own domain name.

WP Offload Media Pro WordPress Plugin Features: –

Reduce Server Requests

Your server no longer has to distribute images, CSS, JS, videos, PDF, zips and other files. It can focus all of its resources on PHP processing and faster WordPress page service.

Load Page Assets Faster

Images, CSS, JS, fonts and other files will be downloaded faster, speeding up page load times. CloudFront and other CDNs are designed for just that.

Improve Google Rank

Google is obsessed with speed and since 2010 they have included page speed as a signal in their search algorithms. Thus, by speeding up the loading time of your pages, you can improve your position in search results, generate more organic traffic to your site and increase conversions and sales.

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